"Meat... It's What's For Dinner." - Porters Dining and Butcher

“With the resurgence of approachable & social fine dining, Porters is carrying that narrative in the Bryan/College Station area.” 

The experience that my writing partner and I experienced was phenomenal. Walking into Porters Dining and Butcher was comparable to a guy going to go to the barbershop for the first time. A right of passage if you might suggest. To our surprise, it was actually the introduction of their new menu. When we met our contact, General Manager & Partner, Charles "Chuck" Criswell, he greeted us and we shared some information on how our review process works. He had already done his research. He introduced us to our amazing waitress.

Chuck sent some great starters to the table; the prime steak tacos, fried green tomatoes, and the Berkshire Sausage with mustard seed. The fried green tomatoes were clean and crisp, while some how keeping their sweet flavor and moisture.

As we moved on to the steak tacos, I was interested to see what my tastebuds would think about the combined flavors of pickled red onions, cabbage, steak, and corn. They got along perfectly. The bratwurst and mustard seed also had great flavors that would compliment any of their entrees. Ah yes… The entrees. Dinner is served.


There was this moment when the plate touched the table. “Is this what love looks like?” I ordered the Braised Lamb Shank with Honey Roasted Carrots and Polenta. My review partner ordered the Duck Confit Ravioli. It was all glorious. The deep flavors of these two dishes hit us in the bottom of our souls.


With Aggieland growing, there are great opportunities for bigger & more familiar chains to open up and expand their customer culture. Situated in the Century Square community, Porters is joining the narrative on making fine dining approachable and keeping it relevant to the citizens of College Station.

Porters Dining & Butcher ($$$) - 180 Century Square Drive Suite 120, College Station, Texas, 77840