When Life Gets Saucey - All The Kings Men Barbecue

  “When you walk inside, you are enticed by an explosion of delicious smells.”

All The King’s Men has been one of our most anticipated restaurant reviews. We put a poll out and asked our audience where is some of the best food in town? We had a huge group of people suggest All The King’s Men. 


Again, we were amazed by Drift Creatives! They have really done amazing branding for restaurants in the Bryan/College Station area. There are many nods to Texas barbecue culture along with the focal point being the mural on the wall of restaurant’s order window. It truely felt like we walked into something special. If that was enough, there is an explosion of smells that entice you at the front door.


We were greeted by Peyton, our amazing waitress and was told to sit wherever we wanted. As we looked over the menu, we knew that barbecue restaurants are going to be a little more on the pricey side (food cost, labor, competition, overall experience). That being said, we wanted to be fair and judge the price compared to the full experience. Man was that experience amazing. 


“How are the brisket and ribs here?” What else should a barbecue joint be rated on? At the end of the day, we knew that we needed to try the brisket and ribs. That’s there bread & butter. Peyton suggested that we should get the Gouda Mac & Cheese as our side, and we agreed. It’s like she knew that our stomach needed the rich goodness. We just had to order one before our meal came. The Mac & Cheese was so creamy. They could definitely get away with selling a larger serving of the mac.


When our food got to the table, the food looked so great! For the purpose of the review, we opted out of using any barbecue sauce on the meat. To be honest, the outside crust was more than enough to keep our tastebuds busy. The burnt ends were probably the most underrated part of the barbecue joint! The brisket had a blend of sweet & tangy flavors. The crust had great texture and was sweet with the inside being so mouth meltingly tender. The St. Louis Ribs had such a great meat-to-bone ratio. They were “fall off the bone” tender and meaty with a great crust. We feel that the barbecue sauce is totally optional. Their rub blends well with the ribs natural juices. That made them even better. 

Overall, we have to say that we were blown away by our experience at All The King’s Men and would recommend you to try them out. If you are not wanting ribs, try their sandwiches. There are options for everyone to enjoy.

All The King’s Men Barbecue ($$) - 112 Main Street, Bryan, Texas 77803