Dude! Where's The Food? - The Dine In Dude

Let’s pretend that you haven’t been living under a rock. It’s not every day that we can sit down with a group of unknown people and have a meal from The Dine In Dude. For months we have been teased by the mouthwatering and delectable photos on their Instagram. Well my friends, get ready because you are in for a treat.

Only a couple had heard about the pre-made meal service before meeting up, but even the others were just as excited. That’s right! We surprised eight guests (including some of our staff :)) with dinner. The Dine In Dude provides weekly updated pre-made meals that you can order from their website. With Independence Day right around the corner, we grabbed a pack of pilsners from our friends over at Live Oak Brewing Company and had an indoor picnic.

Initially, we made the same assumption about how much food is going to feed our guest. This scenario ended the same way that it did in our "Stella Southern Café" review. We will say that we are happily snacking on their Pimento Mac & Cheese with Pulled Pork. The Cuban Pork Sliders were a big hit also! The best part was that we didn’t have to worry about what to cook. That gave us the time to get to know our guests. What is so great food about food if there is no one to share it besides?

This review of "The Dine In Dude" reminded our staff of a valuable lesson. Some times it can be daunting to try new experiences. We challenge you to share a meal with neighbors, colleagues, or even classmates. You would be surprised at how a little hospitality will make you feel. If you would like to share, tag us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

The Dine In Dude ($$) - For more information on how the service works or ordering, click here.

Dean S.Comment