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Exclusive Overnight Ghost Hunt Package at the Woodbine Hotel

  • Woodbine Hotel & Rsetaurant 209 N Madison St Madisonville, TX 77864 United States (map)

Ghost Hunting Dinner, Ghost Hunt, Accommodation, and Breakfast All Included! All Taxes and Gratuities also Included

You will have exclusive private access to the entire hotel during the investigation…

The Woodbine Hotel is one of the most talked about haunted inns in Texas. For generations, the guests, hotel staff and the owners have been plagued by ghostly happenings, even well respected local officials have reported strange happenings during their stay!

One of the most common reports is the ghost of a woman named Claire. Her apparition has been seen regularly over the years, and is most often seen after a presence is felt behind you, or just out of the corner of your eye. She’s the spirit of the daughter-in-law of the original owners of the hotel, and she absolutely adored the place, having lived and worked at the hotel for years.

Claire isn’t the only spirit that haunts this hotel, many believe that there are multiple spirits checked in. One haunting is particularly terrifying. On one investigation the clear image of a man’s outline is captured through a mirror in the dining room. After posting the evidence on her Facebook page, the owner believes it made the spirits mad as the very mirror that was in the picture, jumped off the wall, shattering it to pieces in an almighty crash.

People have been heard talking and moving around in rooms when nobody was checked into them. On one occasion an official from the attorney general’s office was staying at the Woodbine, when he was kept up late as the people in the next room were so loud. He mentioned it to the owner in the morning at breakfast but she had to tell him that nobody was checked into the rooms anywhere near his.

There is poltergeist activity that happens regularly at the Woodbine, with plates flying and smashing, and doors slam shut by unseen forces.

Other common occurrences include disembodied footsteps, unexplained bangs, and strange noises.

It’s no wonder the Woodbine Hotel is talked about as one of the most haunted places in Texas, that many visitors from across the country flock to!


Your Ghost Hunt at the Woodbine Hotel, includes the following:

Overnight Accommodation at the haunted Woodbine Hotel, 3 Course Dinner in the private dining room, Exclusive Overnight Access to this very haunted Inn,Overnight Ghost Hunt at the Woodbine Hotel, Investigation at Bloody Mary’s Haunted Museum, Psychic Medium, Group Séances, Ghost Hunting Vigils, Structured Vigils, Ghost Hunt with experienced Ghost Hunting Team, Use of our equipment which includes, trigger objects and EMF Meters, Breakfast (cooked or continental) Unlimited refreshments and snacks (Including, Soda’s, Water and Coffee)